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Friday, July 8th, 2005
10:49 am
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
12:36 pm
If you wondered where all the Plan B brouhaha has been transferred, try this place!
Sunday, December 19th, 2004
4:36 pm
In the wee hours of this morning, we downed one last mug of hot chocolate before despatching a clump of files into inky-black cyberspace.

And thus, www.thermalandaquarter.com V 3.0 was up there for you to see.

For starters, we offer Bend The World and Chainese Item, two songs from our brand new third album, Plan B. Each week for the next eight weeks, we will release one new song for you to download, enjoy and share.

The songs on Plan B are made available for you to share and enjoy on the conditions outlined in The Thermal And A Quarter Online Music License (TOML). The agreement intends to enable, rather than restrict your enjoyment of our music.

We want Plan B to become one big happy epidemic, and your role as vector is vital. TAAQ recognises you as ambassadors who will enthusiastically spread the songs around. The TOML grants you rights to copy and distribute our album, but discourages you from selling it, or making commercial profit from it, or altering the MP3 format in which it is encoded.

We hope you enjoy Plan B. Do write in with your feedback on the songs and the new site. Do refer your friends to join our mailing list.



PS: TAAQ performs on Dec 19 at Zero G. 8.30 pm onwards.
Thursday, May 8th, 2003
10:53 pm
this whole peace thingy
after doing our peace rocks gig, we (atleast me personally) were still looking to do our bit for the cause. after all, ppl were, unknowingly, claiming the war was over. infact it is just beginning even now. there is talk of growing resentment in Iraq over the seeming absence of any iraqi choice/involvement in post-saddam iraq (just as it was in saddam's iraq; talk about ironies). anyway, the point is that Thermal And A Quarter were asked to perform at a 'party for peace', a gathering of yuppies and techies at a pub where the protest would take place. the logic was that instead of preaching to the converted (read the NGO circuit) we would instead try and talk to a whole new crowd. after a few heated debates within the band about whether to associate with this at all ("it's gonna be techno music and booze macha, the issue will get lost") and in what capacity ("we're definitely can't do this unless our costs are covered") the decision was reached. Bruce and I would represent the band and play an acoustic set. after rigorous practice and some serendipity (a new version of Brigade Street) i was still a little doubtful, because it has always been the whole band and nothing but the whole band. anyway, on the day, i landed up at the pub and the first person to greet me was a HUGE (HUUUGE!!) bouncer at the door who said in a heady cocktail of politeness and intimidation "Couples only sir." i quickly pointed out that i was a performer and that the show would not happen without me inside (aaah, the powers we wield). after entering and some jockeying we finally got on stage and the atmosphere by then had degenrated somewhat to be noisy, smoky and confused. our first song was received in the same light... nothing to blog home about. the new version of Brigade Street, however, really got the crowd. The new guitar part written by Bruce is surely the piece de resistance (pun intended) and a somewhat inspired vocal-wah-solo by yours truly was also received very well. after that there was no looking back and we had the crowd drinking out of our hands. curiously enuff, the gig just died after we left stage... some asian underground started playing and ppl again started milling around and leaving. theone facet that was a little disappointing was that there was no info-dissemination by the organisers themselves, the whole responsibility fell squarely on the performers. but somehow, i think it was worth it even if one guy went back home and thought about iraq and war and neo-imperialism and that ruthless bushtard of a president. "lost in a crowd, searching for who i wanna be playing hide and seek with the strangers that i meet we know without knowing see without seeing this is me i'm looking at this is who they see and tomorrow i'll remember Hey! have i seen this all before?"
Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
11:56 am
For your information
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